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4 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills as a Receptionist/Administrator

As the first point of contact for both current and potential clients, Receptionists and Administrators are vitally important team members for any business, and people with the right expertise are in high demand amongst employers. Strong communication skills, in particular, are essential for success in this profession and will be one of your biggest assets when looking for a new job opportunity. If you’re aiming to grow your career and boost your chances of landing the best Administration and Receptionist jobs on the market, here are our best tips on how to improve your communication skills at work. 1. Understand Who You’re Speaking To As an Admin or Receptionist, you are the person who sets the tone for the relationship any new client or customer is going to have with the company. That’s why it’s important to understand the people you’re dealing with from the moment you meet. Just by talking with someone for a few minutes, you can learn a lot. Where possible, try to find out what their temperament is like, what their perception is of yourself and the business, and what kind of communication style they prefer (e.g. do they want just the facts, or do they prefer anecdotes?). This will help you identify the best approach to take and drastically improve your subsequent interactions with them. 2. Select the Appropriate [...]

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Charity Golf Day – Supporting the Kookaburra Kids Foundation

As part of Southside Staffing’s ongoing support for the Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation, we are coordinating a golf and dinner event. About this Event Kookaburra Kids’ goal is to empower young people to grow beyond the impacts of family mental illness. Southside Staffing has been supporting Kookaburra Kids for a number of years and values the contribution the organisation brings to the community. That’s why all proceeds of this event will be donated to this worthy cause. Schedule for the day: 11:30am: Arrival of guests for golfing 12:00pm: Golf event kicks off 6:00pm: Dinner 7:00pm : Live Auction Ticket price includes: Green fees Pre-game lunch Drinks on the course *Limited carts available. To assure a spot, book through the Pro Shop Sponsorship packages available: Dinner Drinks Bar Sponsor ($2,500) - includes two groups of four for Golf and dinner Course Drinks & Pre-Drinks Bar Sponsor ($2,000) - includes one group of four for Golf and dinner Hole Sponsor ($300 per hole) - put your sign up on the chosen hole Lunch Sponsor ($1,000) - includes two people for Golf (no dinner) To register for this exciting event, click here

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Why are Distribution Jobs Moving to Western Sydney?

While Southside Staffing has long had a reputation within the Shire, recent changes in the local market has prompted an expansion. It’s no secret that Western Sydney’s job market is booming, so it was only a natural decision for us to turn our attention to business in these areas. It’s a shift that’s been happening for a few years now, but increasingly, we’re seeing more and more businesses uprooting operations and shifting west. Why is this happening? In a lot of cases, it’s driven by the need for larger facilities and better transport connections, with areas like Prestons, Eastern Creek, Erskine Park and Moorebank to name a few, being transformed into logistics hubs. What does this mean for candidates? Most significantly, those looking for distribution jobs may need to extend their search beyond the Shire for future opportunities. From what we’re seeing in the market, this is where the job growth is most prominent (unemployment levels are as low as 4.5% in Western Sydney), particularly when it comes to roles like forklift drivers, LO operators and warehouse pickers. With the well-publicised skill shortages creating supply problems, the flipside is that there are almost endless opportunities in the industry. So, what’s in it for people that a) choose to commute or b) move themselves closer to Western Sydney jobs? Obviously, there are various reasons why [...]

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Personal Branding for Jobseekers: How to Get it Right

These days, when you apply for a job, one of the first things employers will do is look at your social media profiles. We hear the horror stories all too often – people missing out on jobs because the employer has gone online and seen something that has caused them to instantly remove the candidate from the shortlist. This is where we see the true importance of personal brand when you’re looking for a job; you need to present yourself in a professional manner, both in person and online. Throughout my recruitment career, I’ve seen many examples of personal branding for jobseekers (the good, the bad and the ugly), so here are my tips on getting it right. Developing Your Personal Brand Online What employers see on social media can make or break the outcome of a job search. While positive and professional-looking content can create a good impression, it’s the negative things, such as unfortunate images from parties, venting about past employers or controversial comments, that tend to stand out the most. Candidates need to be more aware of what they’re posting on social media – whether that’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything else; whatever the medium, everything you share publicly online contributes to building a personal brand in one way or another. To get an idea of how you’re currently coming [...]

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How to Break the Ice at a New Workplace

You made it through the recruitment process successfully, and now it’s time to start the new job you worked so hard to get. As exciting as the first day is, the thought of meeting new co-workers often leads to anxiety as well. One of the most important, and often most stressful, aspects of starting off on the right foot is knowing how to connect with new colleagues in your company and begin building new relationships. To help you make a great first impression, here are our top tips on how to break the ice at a new workplace. Be the First to Introduce Yourself As tempting as it may be, the first day is not the time to hunker down and keep to the background. To make a good first impression, it’s important to make the effort to be the first to say “hello” and introduce yourself. Even though an induction or office tour often provides the opportunity for a quick greeting, try not to rely on these alone – if you get the chance, engage in conversations at the coffee machine, lunchroom or when asking something from another team member. Knowing what to say on your first day at work can be distressing, however, if you prepare a ‘go-to’ introduction ahead of time, you’ll find you can seamlessly connect with new colleagues. Practice [...]

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The Importance of Succession Planning

Whether it’s a resignation that comes out of the blue or one that you’ve been aware of for some time, losing talent can leave gaps in organisations at any level. Replacing talent can often be time-consuming and costly, not to mention the affect it can have on productivity and morale. This is where succession planning comes in. By identifying employees with potential and bringing their professional development into focus, organisations can take a big step in minimising the impact of any loss. But where do you start when developing a succession plan? Identifying Employees with Potential Preparation is key. Sometimes, the answer is standing right in front of you i.e. the “obvious” choice. Usually, this is the second in charge, someone who has worked closely (or the closest) to the vacant position or their predecessor. However, don’t discount others in the team or wider business who might be flying under the radar. While their fit for the role may not be as overtly obvious, they may have the skill set, personality and drive to succeed. Look out for the people who readily put up their hand, go the extra mile and self-educate to better themselves professionally. It is also important to note that candidates who are already embedded in the organisation (inside or outside the team) are more likely to be a good cultural [...]

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How to Move up the Career Ladder Within an SME

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Many of us are gunning for advancement in our current roles, but opportunities aren’t always easy to come by, especially when you work for an SME. Whilst moving on to a larger organisation is always an option, it’s not the only way to step up. Smaller businesses offer their own unique possibilities for professional growth – if you know how to find them. Climbing the career ladder in an SME often means looking beyond a job title or promotion to find alternative paths for progression. Whilst having a linear career trajectory was commonplace in the past, we’ve now evolved from a corporate ladder to a corporate lattice— where a professional’s career trajectory may not always be linear, but instead, diagonal or horizontal. With this in mind, here are our top career growth tips to help you identify your next step when working for an SME. Be Pragmatic Firstly, it’s important to have realistic expectations and stay open-minded. A small company with fewer management roles will likely have limited opportunity, and no matter how well you perform, an SME simply may not have the resources to offer a standard promotion. There often isn’t a linear path to move up the ladder within this kind of organisation, so it’s important to be pragmatic and think [...]

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Four Lessons Learned From My Time in Recruitment

Southside Staffing recently celebrated it’s 22-year anniversary – yes, 22 years in business! Having joined the company seven years ago, I might have only been here for a part of that journey, but I’ve certainly picked up my fair share of lessons along the way. In fact, with the constant change that shapes the recruitment game, I’m always learning. With this in mind, I wanted to share my experience and bring you four of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from my time in the industry. 1. Communication is Everything I have often joked that if I could wallpaper my room with one word, it would be communication. This is huge in recruitment, but it’s also something I’ve seen people forget all too often. As a recruiter, I believe that a large part of my role is not to sell a service, but simply to facilitate communication between candidates and employers. If you have certain priorities, share them. If something changes during the process, tell us. That way, you’ll keep your recruiter up-to-date and allow them to help you navigate the stages successfully. 2. Run Toward Technology, Not Away From It Technology has come a long way in recent years, and has driven significant change not only in recruitment, but in almost every industry we work in. I’ve made a conscious effort to explore the [...]

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The Hidden Costs of Hiring Directly

No one wants to waste money, which is why keeping recruitment in-house seems like a sensible option, at least at face value. However, in-house recruitment is not without its share of pitfalls. At Southside Staffing, we see many small businesses encounter unexpected snares and expenses when they begin hiring internally. With business performance relying heavily on having the right people, it’s essential to strike the right balance between managing costs and doing what it takes to get a good outcome. We want you to have all the facts when deciding between an in-house recruitment process or working with a recruitment agency, which is why we've put together some of the biggest hidden costs of hiring directly to keep in mind. The Buried Consequences of Internal Recruitment In addition to the obvious expenses involved in recruitment such as advertising on a job board, there are several other costs a business may have to deal with. The Strain on Administration One of the disadvantages of recruiting directly is the unforeseen toll this will take on your administration. In the world of recruitment, posting the job advert is just the beginning. Businesses recruiting in-house take on a huge number of tasks, such as writing the job description, sourcing job boards, screening resumes, shortlisting applicants, conducting interviews, checking references, communicating with candidates, making offers, handling negotiations and drawing [...]

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Tips to choosing the right Candidate for your Team

There’s no doubt that meeting a candidate face-to-face is the best way to gauge their suitability for a role. But is there more to look for than simply a rundown of experience and ticking the boxes with general questions? As with most aspects of life, the way in which people interact and tackle challenges says much about how they are likely to succeed. Consider these tips to help you select your next candidate with confidence. Relax. Set a relaxed tone for the interview. Even meetings for high profile roles can benefit from a relaxed atmosphere. The candidate (and the interviewer) is more likely to show the positive attributes of their personality when they don’t have to concentrate on acting formally. Also, allow the candidate to respond fully to your questions without filling pauses with lots of chatter. Keep it real. Speaking only of the perks of the job can set an unrealistic expectation that the role is all fun and games with no challenges. Conversely, only asking questions about tackling problems may give the impression that the role is a miserable drag. Taking a balanced approach is a key to ensuring great candidates keep their interest in the job on offer. Be honest. If you’re concerned about an aspect of their application, bring it up at the interview stage. You may be surprised at [...]

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