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Jenny Dunphy – Retiring

After 16 incredible years our Commercial Consultant, Jenny Dunphy is retiring on the 31st January 2018. We are really going to miss Jenny's energy in the office and more importantly her passion in helping local businesses and candidates. “It really is a 'bitter/sweet' time for me. I have loved working at Southside Staffing for all of these years and it has been very rewarding assisting so many people find their local “dream job” and working with so many local companies in finding the right match for their business". I am leaving a great team of staff at Southside Staffing, and will miss each and every one of my colleagues who have become friends over the years. I am very confident that Janelle, who I work so closely with now, and who has been working in the industry for so many years, will continue to provide the level of service to our clients and candidates that Southside Staffing is renowned for. So it’s off into the sunset for me, hopefully lots of travel, relaxation and a slower pace awaits!” Please join us in bidding farewell to a great operator always assisting our clients and candidates. Jenny you'll be missed but we wish you all the best with your new life outside of Southside Staffing.

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How To Write a Winning Resume

Make the person's job reading your resume easier by showing a clear match between your skills and the job requirements. Clearly demonstrate how you meet the key skills, experience and attributes the employer is looking for. Emphasise your most relevant strengths and eliminate details that are unrelated to the position. Use similar key words in your resume to those used in the job description to create a link in the mind of the reader. Focused on Achievements Highlighting key responsibilities is important, but don’t list your daily workload. Your resume should focus on the unique accomplishments that make you stand out. Show how you contributed to the organisation; did you save money or time, exceed targets, solve problems, improve processes, or attract new customers? Where possible, quantify how you added value with numbers, percentages or dollar amounts. Compelling Reading The tone of your resume should be enthusiastic, upbeat and professional. Put your strongest and most relevant points first, using action words such as ‘completed’, ‘developed’ and ‘managed’, and superlatives such as ‘first’, ‘best’ and ‘highest’. Presenting your accomplishments honestly but confidently using high impact words will help them stand out and make your resume more compelling. Structured Correctly Centre your contact details at the top of your resume. Include your name, address, phone number, mobile number and email address. Next, list the relevant education [...]

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November 2017 Bulletin

Welcome to our November Newsletter   Step into Summer with TOP Talent! Are you wasting time and wanting your business to be more people efficient? Southside Staffing Solutions have you covered as your preferred Shire Recruitment Specialists with our top local talent pool. Check out a small selection of the experienced candidates registered with us. We have Permanent & Temporary staff available to assist with your Commercial or Industrial needs.   Open Full New Letter

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October 2017 Bulletin

Welcome to our October Newsletter Only 11 weeks till Christmas...  If that scares you maybe it's because you don't have the right people in place or have enough people to get you through the festive season? Southside Staffing Solutions have an extensive database of local and experienced people across all industries ready to help you.   Open Full New Letter

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September 2017 Bulletin

Are you in need of new Staff? Southside Staffing Solutions have an extensive database full of local and experienced people across all industries. We believe one of the most important assets to a business is their PEOPLE but more importantly people who are passionate about what they do. Having the right team in place can make all the difference to your businesses overall productivity.   Open Full New Letter

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What Jobs will disappear first and who will it Impact Most?

A recent article by “INDEED” discussed “Which Generation is Most at Risk of Losing Work through Job Automation? Broadly speaking - management, professional and service occupations fall into the non-routine category while - sales, administrative, construction, transportation, production and repair occupations are considered routine. So which generation shows the most interest in jobs which are more susceptible to automation? Millennials and Generation Xers are significantly more interested than boomers in cognitive occupations.  The younger job seekers tend to be more interested in jobs that involve a lower degree of routine tasks, a characteristic that often makes them harder to automate. The majority of job seekers in all three groups under consideration – Millennials, Generation X and Boomers – show interest in some routine occupations. However, the two end generations (boomers and millennials) show significant differences in taste Boomers tend to be 49% more likely than millennials to show interest in a wider range of routine manual occupations that include installation, construction, maintenance and repair, transportation and materials moving, as well as personal care occupations. With the exception of Personal Care, these occupations fall into the group of jobs most associated with a high likelihood of automation in the future. Millennials have an above average level of interest in jobs in office administration and food preparation (routine) as well as arts, education and the life, physical and social sciences (cognitive). With [...]

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To Disclose a Claim or Not to Disclose a Claim

When considering employment, if a prospective employer does NOT ask you if you have previously had any workers’ compensation claims or have previously suffered any injuries which could affect your ability to work, you do not have a strict obligation to disclose any injuries to them. However, with today’s legislation, in the modern workplace, both employers and employees have an equal obligation to ensure the health and safety of ALL workers whilst at work. So as a matter of workplace health and safety, if you have an injury or condition which might affect your ability to do the job safely (whether you have lodged a workers’ compensation claim in relation to it or not), some may argue that you SHOULD disclose that injury or condition to the prospective employer even if they do NOT specifically ask you about it. If the prospective employer refers you for a pre-employment medical, the doctor SHOULD ask you about any existing or previous injuries which could affect your work, and you SHOULD disclose those injuries (although not necessarily whether you claimed workers’ compensation or not). The overriding issue should be the safety of yourself and other workers at your workplace.  If you have an injury which may affect that, then you SHOULD disclose that injury to your prospective employer. The prospective employer should NOT be asking whether you [...]

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