5 Top Tips for Effective Reference Checking

Candidate reference checking is a pivotal part of the hiring process. Unfortunately, the process can feel quite involved and overwhelming – especially when you’re busy running your company. As recruiters, we understand the value of quality reference checking. When a candidate misrepresents their experience or abilities at the hiring stage, it can lead to serious complications down the line. That’s why our process for checking references is rock solid, built on years of experience interviewing and following up to avoid any potential problems. Want to know more about how we conduct our reference checks? Best practice reference checking is something that recruiters excel in, so we’ve compiled the top reference checking tips we live by to show you how to get the most out of this vital stage. 1. Plan and Take Notes Good planning and clear ground rules form the foundation of any successful reference check and subsequent hire. We communicate with candidates upfront to get an early indication of their referees and make it understood what our client expects at the latter stages. If the candidate realises how important it is for us to check references, they’ll be able to prepare their referees, enabling the process to progress as smoothly a possible. It’s important to plan out the questions we want to ask referees to help us obtain the necessary clarity and [...]