Guide to Managing Workers in the Heat

We’re in the very midst of summer, which means the rising temperatures are an added risk to your workforce. The danger of heat stress is a very real one, and it’s important to know how to manage these risks for your workers. Aside from keeping them safe, happy and productive on-site, the way you navigate work in harsh conditions can also impact the reputation of your business, and ensuring a positive employee experience is key for attracting and retaining quality talent in the long term. To help you maintain onsite health and safety during the heat waves, here is our helpful advice on managing work in hot conditions. Preventing Overheated Workers Stopping heat stress from developing in the first place is the best-case scenario, so let’s take a look at some of the best tips you can share with your onsite workers to ensure they’re operating at top capacity. Stay hydrated Our bodies sweat to fight against overheating, but if we aren’t able to sweat efficiently due to dehydration, working in the direct sun or restrictive clothing, it will be much harder to stay cool. Dehydration can even occur inside, especially if workers are near heat-producing machinery. Avoiding prolonged exposure to extreme heat and wearing lightweight clothing (where safe/appropriate) is a good start. Workers should also avoid antiperspirant deodorants (again, to encourage sweating and [...]