4 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills as a Receptionist/Administrator

As the first point of contact for both current and potential clients, Receptionists and Administrators are vitally important team members for any business, and people with the right expertise are in high demand amongst employers. Strong communication skills, in particular, are essential for success in this profession and will be one of your biggest assets when looking for a new job opportunity. If you’re aiming to grow your career and boost your chances of landing the best Administration and Receptionist jobs on the market, here are our best tips on how to improve your communication skills at work. 1. Understand Who You’re Speaking To As an Admin or Receptionist, you are the person who sets the tone for the relationship any new client or customer is going to have with the company. That’s why it’s important to understand the people you’re dealing with from the moment you meet. Just by talking with someone for a few minutes, you can learn a lot. Where possible, try to find out what their temperament is like, what their perception is of yourself and the business, and what kind of communication style they prefer (e.g. do they want just the facts, or do they prefer anecdotes?). This will help you identify the best approach to take and drastically improve your subsequent interactions with them. 2. Select the Appropriate [...]