While Southside Staffing has long had a reputation within the Shire, recent changes in the local market has prompted an expansion. It’s no secret that Western Sydney’s job market is booming, so it was only a natural decision for us to turn our attention to business in these areas. It’s a shift that’s been happening for a few years now, but increasingly, we’re seeing more and more businesses uprooting operations and shifting west. Why is this happening? In a lot of cases, it’s driven by the need for larger facilities and better transport connections, with areas like Prestons, Eastern Creek, Erskine Park and Moorebank to name a few, being transformed into logistics hubs.

What does this mean for candidates? Most significantly, those looking for distribution jobs may need to extend their search beyond the Shire for future opportunities. From what we’re seeing in the market, this is where the job growth is most prominent (unemployment levels are as low as 4.5% in Western Sydney), particularly when it comes to roles like forklift drivers, LO operators and warehouse pickers.

With the well-publicised skill shortages creating supply problems, the flipside is that there are almost endless opportunities in the industry. So, what’s in it for people that a) choose to commute or b) move themselves closer to Western Sydney jobs? Obviously, there are various reasons why someone would do this, but two seem to be reoccuring:

  • Firstly, it comes down to job security and longevity. I’m not talking about working the odd weekend or a couple of days here and there; most of the opportunities I’m helping candidates into are long-term and ongoing work.
  • Secondly, salaries and hourly rates are also having a major impact on people’s decisions. The fact there is so much competition in these logistics hubs, rates are being driven up in an effort to attract and retain forklift drivers and other distribution workers.

I’m constantly looking for experienced forklift drivers (particularly high reach), storepeople, warehouse pickers and other distribution workers to join leading organisations. If you’re looking to take advantage of the boom and head out west for your next challenge, get in touch with me for the latest distribution jobs in Western Sydney.