Personal Branding for Jobseekers: How to Get it Right

These days, when you apply for a job, one of the first things employers will do is look at your social media profiles. We hear the horror stories all too often – people missing out on jobs because the employer has gone online and seen something that has caused them to instantly remove the candidate from the shortlist. This is where we see the true importance of personal brand when you’re looking for a job; you need to present yourself in a professional manner, both in person and online. Throughout my recruitment career, I’ve seen many examples of personal branding for jobseekers (the good, the bad and the ugly), so here are my tips on getting it right. Developing Your Personal Brand Online What employers see on social media can make or break the outcome of a job search. While positive and professional-looking content can create a good impression, it’s the negative things, such as unfortunate images from parties, venting about past employers or controversial comments, that tend to stand out the most. Candidates need to be more aware of what they’re posting on social media – whether that’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything else; whatever the medium, everything you share publicly online contributes to building a personal brand in one way or another. To get an idea of how you’re currently coming [...]