How to Break the Ice at a New Workplace

You made it through the recruitment process successfully, and now it’s time to start the new job you worked so hard to get. As exciting as the first day is, the thought of meeting new co-workers often leads to anxiety as well. One of the most important, and often most stressful, aspects of starting off on the right foot is knowing how to connect with new colleagues in your company and begin building new relationships. To help you make a great first impression, here are our top tips on how to break the ice at a new workplace. Be the First to Introduce Yourself As tempting as it may be, the first day is not the time to hunker down and keep to the background. To make a good first impression, it’s important to make the effort to be the first to say “hello” and introduce yourself. Even though an induction or office tour often provides the opportunity for a quick greeting, try not to rely on these alone – if you get the chance, engage in conversations at the coffee machine, lunchroom or when asking something from another team member. Knowing what to say on your first day at work can be distressing, however, if you prepare a ‘go-to’ introduction ahead of time, you’ll find you can seamlessly connect with new colleagues. Practice [...]

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The Importance of Succession Planning

Whether it’s a resignation that comes out of the blue or one that you’ve been aware of for some time, losing talent can leave gaps in organisations at any level. Replacing talent can often be time-consuming and costly, not to mention the affect it can have on productivity and morale. This is where succession planning comes in. By identifying employees with potential and bringing their professional development into focus, organisations can take a big step in minimising the impact of any loss. But where do you start when developing a succession plan? Identifying Employees with Potential Preparation is key. Sometimes, the answer is standing right in front of you i.e. the “obvious” choice. Usually, this is the second in charge, someone who has worked closely (or the closest) to the vacant position or their predecessor. However, don’t discount others in the team or wider business who might be flying under the radar. While their fit for the role may not be as overtly obvious, they may have the skill set, personality and drive to succeed. Look out for the people who readily put up their hand, go the extra mile and self-educate to better themselves professionally. It is also important to note that candidates who are already embedded in the organisation (inside or outside the team) are more likely to be a good cultural [...]

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