Why you need Temporary Staff?

Why you need Temporary Staff?

With Financial Year End looming, now could be the right time to hire a temp.

If you’re a business owner and haven’t used one in the past you simply are missing the great benefits of having temporary staff to get your through high volume seasons, EOFY just being just one of them.

Having an extra set of hands during busy periods allows your business to stay productive ahead of your competitors and more importantly helps small business owners remain calm during what can be a stressful time if you don’t have the right people in your team.

If you need help in achieving your short-term goals, few options surpass engaging temporary workers. In fact, due to the amount of time and money that can be saved, temp staff have been at the heart of great business for decades. Engaging temporary workers through an expert recruitment partner can provide huge benefits for your business. Here’s just a few important ones.

Enhance Your Business’s Flexibility
Having adaptable resources is paramount for business and office support divisions. Whether you urgently need an Event Coordinator to organise a crucial conference you’re hosting in a few weeks, or a Receptionist to cover a key employee’s parental leave, engaging temporary staff can provide unparalleled flexibility when you need it most. In addition, if a mission-critical employee suddenly moves on from your business, hiring a skilled temp can help to close skill gaps and ensure deadlines are met and customers continue to receive a high level of service, whilst you find the perfect permanent replacement.

Reduce Your Costs
As you already know, hiring can be a costly business. Compliance costs such as providing insurance cover, paying taxes and any fees associated with recruiting, screening, testing and hiring a worker, as well as their payroll, can put a tight squeeze on your business’s coffers. A huge benefit of hiring through a temporary recruitment business is that the agency will employ your temps, not your company, which means that they will cover the costs of compliance. At the same time, if a backlog of work is causing strain on your existing workforce, hiring temporary staff can drastically reduce how much you spend on overtime.

Reduce Your Risks
When a vacancy appears, two thoughts can pass through a manager’s mind; “I need someone great” and “I need someone NOW”, but striking a balance between them can be a big headache. However, if you engage the right recruitment business, both of those concerns can quickly disappear. When you partner with a staffing agency, you’ll gain access to their pool of skilled and pre-screened candidates. This allows your recruiter to quickly create a shortlist of business support professionals and select only the most suitable candidate to fill your vacancy.

Gain a Fresh Perspective
Experienced temporary workers will be used to hitting the ground running in new environments. This means they can quickly pick up new technologies and processes, and adapt to different personalities and workstyles. If you’re looking to change your business in any way, you could also dive into your temp’s new-fangled ideas and fresh perspectives. For example, your temporary worker could suggest changes to your onboarding processes and handover documents so your next hire can get up to speed more efficiently. Your recruiter will also be able to add up-to-the-minute insight on the day-to-day challenges and skill requirements of your current role, from the on-the-job feedback they receive. This independent view can be indispensable when you’re searching for the best fit to permanently fill your vacancy.

Preserve Your Existing Culture
The sudden loss of key employees or spike in customer demand could lead to making decisions that can undermine your values. Hiring a permanent employee who isn’t a great cultural fit or over-burdening your existing workforce with additional responsibilities are a few examples. Engaging temporary professionals is a cost-effective and nimble way to bridge gaps in your operation without compromising your internal culture, whilst ensuring your business’ bottom line continues to grow. At the same time, a recruiter can use psychometric testing to help you hire a candidate who is a perfect fit for the role.

Whether you need several Contact Centre Representatives to help during the launch of a new product, Labour Hire to help get orders out quickly or an experienced Executive Assistant to cover an employee’s parental leave, temporary recruitment can provide an excellent solution to any staffing problem. To discover how engaging temporary staff could benefit your business today, get in touch with one of our specialist recruiters.

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