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Christmas is almost here…

I write this with less than one week until Christmas 2017! The big day is super close now, which means offices are slowing down for the year as they tie up any loose ends before the break. To help you out, I’ve compiled a quick checklist that your office should do before walking out the door for the festive holiday season. 1. Out of Office Message Ensure you’ve got an out of office message on your phone/email  so anyone who emails you knows when you will be back in the office and who they can get in contact with should they require immediate assistance. 2. Do the paperwork Don’t start 2018 with paperwork still on your desk. Sort it out, file it, scan it – whatever you need to do to complete it. 3. The ‘fridge Yes, it’s a bit of a mundane task but sort out the office fridge before you go so you and your colleagues aren’t coming back to a smelly kitchen. Throw out any unwanted and unused food. 4. Handover If someone is watching your desk, ensure you’ve got a great hand over prepared, so they know exactly what needs to be done. 5. Desk clean up It’s probably a good idea to do a quick desk (and under desk) clean up before you finish 2017. Take home jackets and [...]

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Jenny Dunphy – Retiring

After 16 incredible years our Commercial Consultant, Jenny Dunphy is retiring on the 31st January 2018. We are really going to miss Jenny's energy in the office and more importantly her passion in helping local businesses and candidates. “It really is a 'bitter/sweet' time for me. I have loved working at Southside Staffing for all of these years and it has been very rewarding assisting so many people find their local “dream job” and working with so many local companies in finding the right match for their business". I am leaving a great team of staff at Southside Staffing, and will miss each and every one of my colleagues who have become friends over the years. I am very confident that Janelle, who I work so closely with now, and who has been working in the industry for so many years, will continue to provide the level of service to our clients and candidates that Southside Staffing is renowned for. So it’s off into the sunset for me, hopefully lots of travel, relaxation and a slower pace awaits!” Please join us in bidding farewell to a great operator always assisting our clients and candidates. Jenny you'll be missed but we wish you all the best with your new life outside of Southside Staffing.

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