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How To Write a Winning Resume

Make the person's job reading your resume easier by showing a clear match between your skills and the job requirements. Clearly demonstrate how you meet the key skills, experience and attributes the employer is looking for. Emphasise your most relevant strengths and eliminate details that are unrelated to the position. Use similar key words in your resume to those used in the job description to create a link in the mind of the reader. Focused on Achievements Highlighting key responsibilities is important, but don’t list your daily workload. Your resume should focus on the unique accomplishments that make you stand out. Show how you contributed to the organisation; did you save money or time, exceed targets, solve problems, improve processes, or attract new customers? Where possible, quantify how you added value with numbers, percentages or dollar amounts. Compelling Reading The tone of your resume should be enthusiastic, upbeat and professional. Put your strongest and most relevant points first, using action words such as ‘completed’, ‘developed’ and ‘managed’, and superlatives such as ‘first’, ‘best’ and ‘highest’. Presenting your accomplishments honestly but confidently using high impact words will help them stand out and make your resume more compelling. Structured Correctly Centre your contact details at the top of your resume. Include your name, address, phone number, mobile number and email address. Next, list the relevant education [...]

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November 2017 Bulletin

Welcome to our November Newsletter   Step into Summer with TOP Talent! Are you wasting time and wanting your business to be more people efficient? Southside Staffing Solutions have you covered as your preferred Shire Recruitment Specialists with our top local talent pool. Check out a small selection of the experienced candidates registered with us. We have Permanent & Temporary staff available to assist with your Commercial or Industrial needs.   Open Full New Letter

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