The old adage we have always been taught in business is that THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT !!”

Well – after 35 years in business I beg to differ and to disagree !

We are all working to build a PROFITABLE business – but aside from “Profits” we want to “enjoy” working in our business also !

Dealing with the wrong or difficult clients and companies can certainly impair your business experience and your business growth !

One of the most important aspects to a working relationship between you and your client is “mutual respect”. I believe that if there is not a mutual respect between you and your client then that relationship is not going to be a good one!

Sadly in this day and age, many business operators are …

● Not ethical

● Fly by nighters

● Users

● Have no intention of paying

● Never satisfied

● Want too much

● Don’t pay on time or adhere to Terms of Business/Trade

● Are rude

● Are disrespectful of you, your staff and your business.

● Time wasters

You do not have to put up with this ! You can direct your time and efforts (money) into working with better companies with better management teams and practices.

About 15 years ago, a large company who we had been successfully working with for a number of years, suddenly decided to “outsource” their HR area and took on a contracting company to “manage” their accounts. They demanded a much lower fee from us and pushed out their payment terms to over 60 days (which usually means over 90 days !). They wanted us to reduce the hourly rate we were paying our temps in order to offer the company a reduced rate.

After reviewing their terms I decided I could get more money for my temps by placing them elsewhere with reputable companies and I would be ensured of payment within 30 days – so I “sacked” that (very) large company. It was not worth the ‘angst” of dealing with such a demanding client for so little return. I could achieve higher margins putting my efforts into other companies/clients.

Another episode involved a client who was behaving most un ethically in his workplace – so I took my temps OUT of his company. I did not want them in such an environment and I did not want to deal with such an operator.

Similarly, I have ceased to operate with companies who have toxic workplaces ! It is no good for my candidates, for my staff who are trying to help these businesses and for my bottom line in the long run !

If a supplier or client does not deliver or pay on time – find another one ! It is better for your cash flow to work with reputable companies with consistent and reliable payment terms. Don’t let your debtors get too far beyond 30 days ! If your suppliers or clients want “terms” impose a fee (%) for delayed payment or delivery.

It is not worth your while to “humour” these companies – even if they ARE big operators !

Just because they are a big or reknown company does not mean you want to deal with them ! These are usually the hardest and least profitable and create the most angst.

Sack them !

Design and manage your business to suit your self !!!! You ARE worth it !!!