If you are seeking Permanent / Full time work or even Temporary / Contract work, you will find that there are greater opportunities for you in the “New Year” season and again in the “Spring Time” season.

New Year Season:

With the return to work after the Christmas Holiday break, there is great activity in the job market with Employers looking to employ more and new staff to build their businesses and teams for greater growth in the forthcoming year.

Likewise, following the Christmas Break and with “New Year Resolutions” rebounding all around, job seekers make the decision to “Change their lives” by changing their jobs and seeking either greater fulfilment or greater incomes to improve their lot and build their futures!

So traditionally, from the end of January, more permanent jobs become available and more vacancies occur as people start to change and move around. This snowballs right through with a fairly positive and consistent employment market through to the Easter Season / Holiday break.

Similarly, the “Temp” market is strong during this “New Year / Summer” season when staff are more likely to take leave and employers are often testing the market to see who/what is out there. Often they will employ people as temps to determine if, in fact, their business does require more/new staff. We find it quite common for our clients to offer our temps a full time role following a successful temp assignment.

Again this Temp market continues into the “Autumn” / Easter season covering school holidays and times when their permanent staff may want to take leave.

Spring Time Season:

The second best time to seek permanent work is following the winter (June – August) – the “Spring Season” which begins from the end of August and early September through to the end of November.

Companies do not employ as many people over the EOFYr and job seekers do not traditionally look for work over the winter months.

Once we start to see the sun shining again, job seekers come back onto the market. Likewise companies have completed their plans and budgets for the forthcoming year and are seeking new and better staff to help them fulfil these forecasts. So again there are more gaps to fill.

Again – the Spring time sees more people taking leave and thus the requirement for temporary staff is greater heading into (again) the Christmas holiday period.

Part Timers:

For Part-timers, there is a slight difference –particularly in this local area !

Generally there is a greater demand for part timers at the beginning of the Calendar Year and again at the beginning of the Financial Year !

Many small companies employ Part Time staff. Often a family company where family members work hard both in the business and in the home.

It often occurs that following the Christmas / Holiday period, the decision is made to employ more staff to lighten the burden on some family members. By employing more staff and expanding their teams, businesses give themselves the opportunity to grow and prosper. By employing part time staff, they choose to do this by degrees. They free themselves up for either other endeavours or to spend time working to build their business rather than spending time working in their business.

After the End of the Financial Year, businesses re-evaluate their spending and again often choose to expand and/or to free up the Management team by employing part time staff. They have completed their forecasts and budgets for the year ahead and are prepared to “spend” to grow their businesses.

So there can be a big surge of part time roles onto the market at these two times of the year.