Yes – it’s that time of year again !

We all review our past year!

We look at all our successes and what we have achieved!

We also consider how we might have done it better!

We remember what things we had aimed for and not quite managed.

And then of course, we make our “resolutions” for the year ahead ! What we would like to do differently. What we would like to change. What new challenges or projects we would like to take on!

But when you are reviewing your past year, make it a POSITIVE review !! You are allowed to CONGRATULATE yourself and REVEL in your successes and achievements ! And these come in all aspects of your life.

Make a list of all the positive, fun things that you enjoyed in the past year with regard to:

● Family and Friends

● Leisure Time

● Health

● Home

● Growth and Education

● Finances

● Work

● Community

Congratulate yourself on your successes and remind yourself how you can enjoy even more successes in the year ahead !

Set yourself goals in each of the areas above (little steps are a good start) for your year ahead and review these as you travel through your year!

Sometimes it is necessary to discard some things in order to make room for new and better opportunities. For example de-cluttering your home or office will make you feel refreshed, happier and motivated to move forward positively. Are you spending time with positive, happy and motivated people? Negativity and aggression can really hold you back and pull you down – some decisions can be difficult but once made will open bigger brighter doors!

I find for myself, having goals and ticking the boxes as they are achieved, gives me a map for my year and opportunities to feel good about myself ! I always have a smile when I tick off another box.

In our business we always spend time at the beginning of each year with each staff member individually to go over their achievements of the year past and work out their goals and aims for the year ahead. Not only for work and employment/finances, but for their “whole” life picture covering all the points above. They know what they are working for – what they want to achieve for the year !

With regard to our business – employment – a recent survey indicated that most employees in Australia are very positive about the year ahead ! 58% expect the economic situation here to improve in 2016. And globally, Australians are among the most positive people at 90%.

The report indicated that 71% of employees expected their companies to do better but that only 51% expected a raise or bonus.

Australia was in the top countries with highest activity in job changes over the last 6 months and 61% of Human Resource Managers expect to be hiring more staff in the next 6 months than they did during the last 6 months of 2015. (We are already receiving orders in the first week of January !!)

Indications are that although money will be “tight”, businesses will remain “conservative” but “positive” and Australia should manage through and continue to grow (little steps again!).

So look at what changes you can make. What “new” things you can introduce/try to help achieve your goals for the year ahead !

Looking forward to a FANTASTIC (albeit “interesting”) 2016 ahead for us all !