You need to manage your staff and workflow so that you get the best return on your money ! When employing staff, you can take a number of options:

Permanent Employees

Permanent Part Time Employees & Casuals

Contract Employees

On-Hire Employees

The best results are not achieved through the “Traditional” way of employing all Permanent staff, the most effective results are in utilising a combination of all these types of employment.

Permanent Employees are for “constant” and “essential” roles. You can utilise a combination of Permanent Part Time, Casual and Job Share employees to tap another market which creates good results for your bottom line while offering greater flexibility to another market of job seekers (I can elaborate on the differences in these categories for you)

Contract Employees are for set projects or set periods of time within the workforce.

On-Hire Employees are best utilised for overloads, peaks, absences, extended leave situations or for “testing” a potential candidate or a potential role.

The best aspect of non-Permanent Employees is that you only pay for the hours that are actually worked creating greater cost efficiency. There are, however, other benefits which I can elaborate on at a later time.

Today we have a different employment market. It is NOT EMPLOYER driven but rather an EMPLOYEE driven market. We have a shortage of good candidates and have had increasingly over the past 10-15 years. And I doubt that it will EVER be an EMPLOYER market again ! Times have changed and peoples’ expectations have changed also. So we have to keep up – to keep ahead !

As you are aware, it is very costly to employ staff ! To recruit, induct, train, assimilate, manage and develop them. They are your biggest asset in building your business and you don’t want a high turnover of staff after putting so much effort, time and money into securing them in the first place.

Turnover also impacts on your team and your workflow. It can impact your production and affect your clients.

So you need to recruit and manage your staff very carefully and also RETAIN them.

Today potential employees look at a company to see “What can they offer me? “What type of company is it? “What sort of environment is it to work in? “What terms and type of employment do they offer?” “What is their impact on the Economy and Environment?” “What are the company Ethics?” “What opportunities for growth do they offer?”

Employees today have much greater “Expectations” of their workplace and their Employers.

Once you have secured a new Employee, if they suit your business, your team and are producing effectively, you will need to look at what will keep them happy and help you retain them? (I have another Blog available which gives hints on retaining and developing employees).

You also need to look at the “Make-up” of your staff to ensure that you are reaping the benefits of ALL generations – Boomers; Gen X; Gen Y and most recently Millennials !

It is an exciting and changing future ahead with limitless possibilities, so build your TEAMS today, ready to build your BUSINESSES for tomorrow !