Employers WANT to Employ more Youth:

● To Grow their businesses – planning for the future of the business – to carry it forwar

● To Keep up with the New Digital Era

● To inject new ideas and enthusiasm into their businesses

● To build their teams and businesses from the bottom up – both in relation to IQ and cost effectivity.

● They want to “train” new employees to further both the employee and the business.

● They still need Junior staff to perform junior roles most cost effectively – better time usage and cost effectivity rather than experienced more expensive staff

Employers WANT to Educate their Staff:

● They WANT to employ more apprentices, trainees, graduates etc etc.

● They are happy to provide further training to their staff to build their teams and their businesses.

● Training provides greater satisfaction to the employees, greater stability as they complete their course and better opportunities to the employees within the coy.

● Training provides better skills set and resources for the employer

● Training provides greater levels of professionalism and participation for the coy.

Employers WANT to work with the Government to Create Better Employment Conditions

● Employers are happy to engage with TAFE Colleges and Universities to provide training

● Employers are keen to take on Trainees and help their employees improve their opportunities

Employers NEED Trainees/Apprenticeships/ Wages to be Cost Effective

● Often the wages levels for Apprentices / Trainees are prohibitive in relation to living costs.

● The current costs associated with Tertiary education are prohibitive to employees and employers

● Some conditions relating to working VISA’s and payments are prohibitive. The costs & conditions related to converting an employee on work visa to permanent are prohibitive and extremely onerous.


Employees WANT to take on further EDUCATION:

● Employees WANT to take on apprenticeships and undergo training but the costs are very prohibitive.

● Employees WANT to work to take on traineeships within an employer where they can improve their opportunities and create a career.

● Employees WANT to return to the workforce and upskill so they are more employable however, costs and time frames are prohibitive.

● Immigrants WANT to work in their field of excellence or something related however our current system locks them out – perhaps we can suggest alternative roles for them.

Employees WANT to work for Australian Companies:

● Our current system in converting Internationals over to Australian Residents and Citizens is VERY onerous and VERY expensive.

● Greater emphasis should be placed on English Language and ability to immediately contribute to the Australian Economy when selecting potential immigrants.

● Australia NEEDS more workers to fill the gaps that are here and growing into the future. We need to make it EASIER for suitable employees to be bought on board and employed by Australian companies.

● Australia is losing EXCELLENT workers through the current system.


Australia NEEDS more Qualified Employees:

● The Government NEEDS to make it EASIER to employ more people

● More Students – Tertiary, Traineeships and Apprentices

● The Government NEEDS to make it less expensive for people to UP SKILL

● The Government NEEDS to re-dress its’ current policies on International Qualifications.

● A review of International Student providers will find erroneous excess funding

● A review of Job Providers will find excessive funding achieving little results/change

● A NATIONAL approach would be easier to implement and monitor/manage.

● Re-introduce subsidies to employers at an effective level.

● PLANNING for the future by “Managing” potential employees – run Australia as a company. Import and create what we need for the future. Only the best !